H&H Agency Advertising

An array of Advertising Services

The following are just a few of these services H&H Agency can offer:

Broadcast Advertising – applies to commercials aired on either television or radio, which are typical called spots. It’s also known as on-air advertising, and it’s the primary revenue generator for commercial television and radio stations.

Direct Marketing – channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows businesses and nonprofits organizations to communicate straight to the customer, with advertising techniques that can include text messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, database marketing, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, targeted television commercials, response-generating newspaper/magazine advertisements, and outdoor advertising. Amongst its practitioners, it is also referred to as Direct Response Advertising.

Integrated Marketing – the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and using different promotional methods to reinforce each other.

Print Media – include all newspapers, newsletters, booklets, pamphlets, magazines, and other printed publications, especially those that sell advertising space as a means of raising revenue.

Video Production – the process of creating video by capturing moving images (videography), and creating combinations and reductions of parts of this video in live production and post-production (video editing).




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