Jack Daniel’s and Southern Comfort Making the Rounds at Fat Jack’s, Khilil’s Pub, Big Easy Jazz Cafe, Town Pump, Big Chill, Juanita’s and Rumor’s Bar and Grill
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What a busy night for H&H Agency’s promotional models. We made the rounds through Central Arkansas stopping in at eight locations in two different cities. Our Hot Springs, Arkansas, locations included Fat Jack’s, Big Easy Jazz Cafe, Big Chill and Rumor’s Bar and Grill. We then headed over to Little Rock and dropped in at Khilil’s Pub, Town Pump and Juanita’s. H&H Agency, our models and the crowds are enjoying all the Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey and Southern Comfort Cherry promotions this month. We look forward to continuing to spread the word and share the taste! Join us next time.


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